About Kalawili

About Kalawili

The name Kalawili

Kalawili is located near El Nido, in the beautiful island of Palawan in the Philippines. Kalawili means ‘Harmony’, chosen to represent harmony with nature and people …

The Organic Hackers

Dustie and Thierry are the founders of Kalawili. After a long career as executives in the semi conductor business in Silicon Valley, Taiwan and Shanghai, they decided to move to Palawan and arrived by sailing boat in El Nido in 2014. 2 years later, they leased 7 hectares of land in Lio and slowly started to plant fruit trees there. Recently, an additional 3.5 hectares was leased nearby with a spring to supply drinking water and possible extension to our project.

When not planting in her garden or having fun traveling, Dustie (she is on the right of the photo below) is also a diving instructor in El Nido.

When not busy with computer software development, Thierry also enjoys sailing and teaches the art of celestial navigation.

The farm-garden

Kalawili is on 10.5 hectares of pristine land, comprised of 2 hectares of flat land and the rest in jungle and forest. The property has its own stream running all year long plus various springs scattered in the jungle. We are very fortunate to have various types of landscape to experiment with various form of cultivation.

We are not a regular agriculture farm but rather a horticulture garden where we cultivate and grow food on a small scale to ensure sustainability. We are also passionate about organic systems and have developed ways to recycle wastes with worms and more recently Black Soldier Flies (BSF). We now have 3 BSF insectariums and 2 larvariums capable of producing 100g of BSF eggs per day and digesting 300kg of food wastes.
We produce feed from BSF larvae for our own chicken, ducks and pigs in addition of recycling the BSF frass into organic fertilizer.

The farm-garden is entirely running on solar system with a backup generator.

We are here :

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