Volunteer with us

Kalawili offers a volunteer program for people who not only want to learn about permaculture but also want to contribute to our goal.

As a volunteer at Kalawili, you’ll receive a unique hands-on learning experience on a wide range of projects, such as:

  • Making compost and collecting vermicast

  • Planting fruit trees , vegetables

  • Working in the nursery and preparing/planting seeds

  • Harvesting fruits/vegetable

  • Working with animals (goats, chicken …)

  • Dry food and store food.

  • Cooking and enjoying natural food.

  • Make friends

Volunteers are welcome to stay and work on the farm as long as they desire.

What we provide

Volunteers at Kalawili benefit from a place to sleep in a small yet comfortable locally made hut and receive three meals a day.

The accomodations at Kalawili are made from local materials as much as possible and by either other volunteers or local carpenters.
Each hut has a basic toilet and shower.

We don’t have power on the property and all our electricity is from our own solar farm. Hot water is provided by collectors on the roof.
We have a stream on the property with clean water to wash, cook … and to drink, we get our water from our own spring … 10 minute walking.

The meals are composed of our harvest and are vegetarian—usually rice from the farm or nearby market, served with vegetables, fruits and herbs harvested. We prefer if volunteers stay at least a week or more.

In exchange for staying at Kalawili and benefit from our land and its produces, we ask you contribute 3 hours of work a day and 600 pesos per day.

Interested ?

If you are interested in our volunteer program or if you want to know more about it, please contact us.

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