Organic waste management using Black Soldier Fly

Organic waste management using Black Soldier Fly

Kalawili has started a program in El Nido to reduce organic wastes, mostly food wastes from restaurants (but this could eventually be extended to human wastes) using black soldier flies larvaes.
Every day, trucks and our own top down collect food from participating El Nido and Lio Beach restaurants (Coco, Glow, Shaka …) and deliver it to our food sorting station.



The Black Soldier Flies (BSF) larvaes are contained in specially designed bins at Kalawili and will digest food for about 15 days before completing their larvae cycle and leave the bins to become pupae and later on turn into flies.






















In the Kalawili BSF insectarium, BSF will spend 5 days mating and laying eggs which will be collected every day and put into new larvae bins.


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